Our Mission Christmas 2023 Campaign Begins

As soon as Mission Christmas finishes for one year, we start buying presents for the following year as great deals appear

2023 is no different and we will update the list of purchases through the year on this page. If you would like to Donate to this year’s appeal, please do so HERE... For every £5 donated we will purchase between £15-20 of brand-new presents for disadvantaged children.

We make your valuable donation go much further.


Mission Christmas 2023With the cost of living crisis continuing, we were again under no illusion that we would be under pressure once more to help children and teenagers living in poverty. Despite this, we set ourselves an increased target of providing presents for 22,000 children, 10%more than our target in 2022. After a slow start, people across the south rallied to the cause and donated enough gifts for us to help provide gifts for 22,288 children and teenagers who otherwise would have had nothing on Christmas day.

In addition to our involvement in collecting and distributing the presents, the GFT remain one of the largest donaters of toys to the south region’s appeal. This year was no different with us donating 2,535 brand new toys and gifts with a value of £36,118. Due to our buying ability the price we paid was approximately a quarter of that value.

Our Purchases


LEGO Stuntz - City LEGO SetsWe were able to buy more of the Lego Stuntz sets which were a real winner for last year’s appeal. We’ve bought 480 sets, again at a cost of £1.68,  saving over £4.30 a set on Amazon prices.


Toiletry Gift Sets

We’ve bought 94 assorted gift sets from Tresemme, Dove and Radox which make lovely gifts for teenagers. The best Amazon prices to buy these were £946. We bought them for £235! A 75% saving  

Toiletry Gift Set MC 2023Toiletry Gift Set Present MC 2023

Nifty Kids Pom Pom Hats

We are really pleased to have purchased 59 Nifty kids Pom Pom hats at a really good price. These are really nice quality, very soft complete with a fleece lining inside.

The cheapest online price we could find for one of these was £8 and we bought them for £1.95 each, another saving of more than 75%.

Nifty Pom Pom HatNifty Pom Pom Hat

Mission Christmas Update June 2023

Mission Christmas Lego 06 23
Lego Art Project set bought at nearly 75% less than the cheapest Amazon price
A pallet load of Lego sets delivered in preparation for this year’s appeal

In our year long search for exceptional value to buy presents for the Mission Christmas Appeal, we were delighted to take advantage of a further opportunity to buy some brand-new Lego sets at a fraction of their retail value. At the time of writing, the cheapest price we could find online for the 4,000 piece Art Project sets was £57.50.

Thanks to the generosity of Lego, we acquired 120 sets at the fantastic price of just £15 a set!

There will be some very happy children who receive these on the big day! In addition, further Lego sets were bought at the same time adding to the ones we bought earlier in the year.

Bath Bombs

We have bought 432 boxes of quality, Eclat bath bomb boxes for £1.93 per box.

Each one contains 6 bombs and these retail normally for close to £10 per box.

Melissa and Doug Pull Along Toys

Melissa and Doug Pull Along ToysIn one of the largest purchases we have made for Mission Christmas, we bought 1,725 Melissa & Doug pull along wooden toys. The quality of this well known brand is exceptional and we felt compelled to buy the entire amount offered to us as the price we paid, including delivery, was only £4.50 per unit.

The 3 different toys, as shown in the picture, were on sale on Amazon, at the time, for an average price of £18 per toy

Sand Art Craft Packs

Sand Art Craft PacksThe trust were offered some surplus stock of Sand Art craft packs. Each pack contained 6 pictures with glue and different coloured sand to enable some creative and colourful pictures to be produced, as shown in the pictures of a couple completed by some young volunteers!

We bought 500 packs for £3 each which normally retail for £10 or more.

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